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Intellectual Heritage focusing on the ancient language, Samskrit,unique amongst languages of the world, often aptly termed, the Mother of all Languages. Despite its origin, several millennia before the Christian era, it is still a living language, as itsimmense literature is studied by scholars and researchers worldwide. Vast and colorful, its incomparable poetry and prose was produced by the inspired genius of literary giants such as Bhasa, Bhavabhuti, Bharavi, Bana, Dandin, Magha, the supreme poet Kalidasa, and the like. Samskrit, based on its unique merit, has caught on in countries beyond India, and has been introduced in schools in Ireland,England and the USA. Whether one readsa product of its intellectual heritage like one of the poetic works, or a product of its spiritual heritage like the Upanishadas, one cannot fail to perceive and enjoy the elegance, rhythm, and natural poetry of its composition. Even its dictionary and grammar are composed in poetry. Included in this section is a stand-alone sub theme, Subhahsitas,or poetic aphorisms of practical wisdom.

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